Thunderbolt Shared Storage


Thunderbolt SAN is a storage solution that enables multiple Macs or PCs to concurrently access 1PB of data on PCIe RAID storage over Thunderbolt or PCIe connection. Creative artists can share data and consolidate projects in one storage and focus on creating the best artwork without dealing the lousy data transfer job, data backup, and thunderbolt cobweb.


Thunderbolt Shared Storage to drive down the storage cost and save your precious time for moving data back and forth


The main disadvantage of Thunderbolt drives is their inability to share data or unused storage space with other computers or devices especially for the best performance in consumer technology. The second disadvantage is the Thunderbolt storage cost is US$ 200 more than a USB 3.0 storage. 
Another serious issue of Thunderbolt storage is the time-consuming file copy from local Thunderbolt storage to central NAS or Fiber SAN. The Thunderbolt SAN help increase the storage utilization, share the storage cost, and save data moving to drive down the Thunderbolt cost. Creative artist can focus their precious time to create a better artwork by better collaborative.



Enjoy Thunderbolt Performance at 1350 MB/s

Thunderbolt SAN Solutions is based on PCIe technology and fully utilized PCIe high-performance advantage. The single host can reach 1350MB/s and the aggregate performance of 4 storage can reach 5500MB/s for up to 11 clients concurrent usage. 
Data transfers for backup, sharing, and editing are faster with Thunderbolt SAN technology, significantly reducing times to complete these tasks. For time-sensitive data, such as video during creation and playback, data transfers can be critical to the success of the work.

Expand storage up to 1 PB fast and simple


The greatest benefit of a scalable SAN is that it allows IT organizations to begin with a small number of nodes and increase resources as needed. In the last 5 years alone, the amount of storage needed for post-production has increased as much as ten-fold and finished project sizes have doubled or tripled. 
Post-production facilities need to provide faster turn times, richer effects and an ever greater number of post-release projects to market tie-ins and licensed products and derivatives.


Backup files more efficient and effective


More data means more data to protect. In addition to its size, data is spread out—it is everywhere. How do we intend to address the data protection of new growing data when we can’t keep up with the old data? Thunderbolt SAN can centralize the video data and make the backup and recovery job much easier compared to local storage.


5 major products included

  • Thunderbolt converter (C1M) Thunderbolt converter simply connect an PCIe cable to PCIe switch, and then plug into the Thunderbolt port of your Mac or PC. You are connected to the Storage Area Network. Please be noted that you should also connect the ethernet cable to the same network switch in order to build up your storage.


  • PCIe switch (SW16) A PCIe switch is a storage area networking device that connect devices together on a storage network and reduce the storage cost by consolidating Thunderbolt storage into one SAN storage. This is the first and only Thunderbolt switch in the market. This switch provides a simple, affordable, single-switch solution for PC PCIe and Mac Thunderbolt SAN installation and connects to storage. The SW 16 provides 12 clients and 4 storage connections. The client ports are for Mac, PC, or MDC (metadata controller) connection. The storage ports are for PCIe storage.


  • PCIe storage PCIe storage is a high-performance storage system designed to deliver the highest level of performance, scalability, and total overall value for the most performance demanding. The storage portfolios including tower 8 bay, 3U 16 bay, and 2U 12 bay. Customers can base on their requirement to choose the required storages then grow the storage capacity by adding more storages (up to 4 units) or JBOD (up to 12 JBODs) in the Thunderbolt SAN.


  • Xsan server (Mac mini) Xsan is software that enables multiple Mac computers to concurrently access hundreds of TBs of content on PCIe RAID storage over Thunderbolt cable. Quantum supplements this solution with StorNext data management software, enabling Apple Xsan customers to use applications running on Windows, Linux, and UNIX with their Xsan and share content across more systems. For more information, please check Apply Xsan compatibility or Quantum stornext explanation.


  • PCIe HBA card (Z2M) PCIe card is a high speed expansion card that connects a computer or Mac with PCIe cable then to PCIe switch. The PCIe card, Z2M, is with one Thunderbolt SAN-ready port and one directly attached PCIe storage.


  • LQSFP+ cables QSPF+ cable integrated cable solutions feature AOCs capable of achieving 40 Gbps data rates over distances up to 100m. The cable family includes 2m PCIe Gen3 copper cable, 10m fiber cable, 30m fiber cable, 50m fiber cable, and 100m fiber cable.


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