Design, Engineering
and Implementation

Our team of engineers design the best solution for your needs and budget.
Our philosophy is to work in tight collaboration with your staff during implementation in order to share as much knowledge as possible and thus ensure better support on the long term.

Consulting and
Technological Watch

Our sales and technical teams work closely together to upgrade their skills and knowledge – thus keeping themselves at the forefront of innovations – to advise you on the best available solutions on the market.

Sales and

Périactes distributes most of the Reference brands in audiovisual and broadcast equipment, in direct or indirect supply.
We have prefered sales agreements with tens of manufacturers and software companies in our fields of excellence. Within this framework, we also play an active role in distributing products and solutions sold by other resellers or integrators.

Training and Change Management

Périactes offers trainings in-house or at the clients’ location for all the products we distribute.

Our objective is to give your staff all the skills they need whether it is purely technical skills, operating expertise or a techno-creative approach. Our strength is to hire external experts – which are real users – able to explain all the ins and outs of a specific product.
In addition, our technicians remain available well after your project implementation to advise you each time you will have a problem to solve or a strategic issue on which you would like an additional opinion.

Maintenance and Technical Support

Our mission is to provide innovative technical solutions and best-in-class support. Our support program is dedicated to your continued success and growth. It allows you to secure your investments and make sure to receive personnalized service and appropriate guidante when necessary. In order to tailor the level of support to the unique needs of your organization, this 1-year renewable service is delivered in different levels of Level of Service Agreements (SLAs), such as our « support-pack » which gives you a discount on several technical support units.

To provide high-quality support to our customers worldwide, we also offer remote maintenance tools and support contracts provided by our local partners.

Repairs and Spare Parts Delivery

Our role doesn’t end at supplying software and equipment. Throughout the duration of the warranty or of the support contract, we become an interface between you and our suppliers.

When problems occur outside of our scope of expertise, we escalate and ensure efficient follow-up to solve your issue as quicly as possible.
Your faulty equipment is diagnosed in our technical laboratory before being replaced or repaired, whether in-house or by our partners.
For the products we distribute, we usually have loan units available to help you out when your equipment remains out of order longer than the usual duration of repair, or in emergency cases.

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