Metal plate specific for ARRI LF (step up voltage to 21V) V-lock

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The ARRI ALEXA LF® large format camera needs a minimum of 20V to operate properly. This is beyond the specs of a normal 14.4V battery and does not allow the the use of a standard battery plate.

BLUESHAPE has designed an efficient battery plate for the ALEXA LF®. This accessory allows a 14V battery to provide the required voltage through a state of the art power converter that optimize the load on the battery with an efficiency not inferiro to 95%.
Also, providing approx 21V to the camera, MVAL-LF can works as a secondary power source when the camera is powered through an external DC source like a block battery or a POWER STATION.

The BLUESHAPE plate also provides digital communication from the battery to the camera for BLUESHAPE batteries. The user will see the RSOC (relative state of charge) in the camera display, data not available with batteries other than BLUESHAPE.

The demands of the camera have inspired the our team to develop the ideal V-lock battery for use with theARRI ALEXA LF®: the GRANITE HDplus series.
Based on the data provided by the camera manufacturer (see below), when using MVAL-LF with these batteries, a user can expected the following runtimes:

  • BV100HDplus: from 46 to 35 minutes
  • BV190HDplus: from 93 to 69 minutes
  • BV290HDplus: from 139 to 105 minutes

1. ALEXA-LF Power Draw (as declared by ARRI®)
In order to process the increased pixel count while still maintaining ALEXA best overall image quality, the ALEXA LF draws 120W and 160W while recording, with EVF-1 and wireless video transmitter on, but no further accessories attached. 120W have been measured while recording ProRes 4444 in LF 16:9 sensor mode at 24 fps onto SxS PRO+ 256 GB cards. 160W have been measured while recording ARRIRAW at 90 fps in LF Open Gate sensor mode onto SXR Capture Drives. Electronic accessories will increase power draw based on the accessories’ draw.

2. Average power required by the battery:
Due to the presence of the internal Step-up circuit of MVAL-LF, the battery must release more energy than the camera needs. Thanks to the high efficiency of the circuitry, the energy differential is minimal, saving power, reducing the energy losses and the heat generated by the device and so prolonging the camera runtime. From our tests, the circuitry showed an average efficiency of approx. 96%, 98% with battery full, 95% with battery empty, when powering 160W.


  • Input: 10.0V – 17.0V
  • Output: 21.0V regulated – 250W max
  • Efficiency: > 95%
  • Size: 141 x 82 x 11mm (5.55″ x 3.23″ x 0.43″)
  • Weight: 0.210Kg (0.46lbs)
  • No auxiliary outputs

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