Magic Dolly + Black Track

Magic Dolly + Black Track comes fully equiped and it’s at the same time a perfect transport case for all these accessories:

Magic Dolly comes fully equiped and it’s at the same time a perfect transport case for all these accessories:

  • 4 Floor wheels with Pneumatic Tires
  • in height adjustable Central Column
  • 360º Swivel Seat System
  • in length adjustable Pull/Push handle
  • a shockfree Soft Bag

Magic Dolly with all accessories weight 20 kgs/44 lbs. It’s extremely lightweight, due to the use of aluminum and synthetic material. Once at the required destination, it can be quickly put to use whether in the studio or on location. The handy axle “Click-on-Click-off” system ensures that both the dolly and track wheels can be changed in an instant.

Magic Dolly has also a standard platform-mounting for the JIX mini Crane, a mini-Jib or a heavy-duty Central Column.

Black Track is super lightweight, and can be quickly and easily transported in a practical Soft Bag. It’s not necessary to work out the exact distance between the tracks, since this is done by the Track Wheels automatically while the shot is being made. The ingenious joins guarantee a seamless connection of the track elements, so that perfectly flowing tracking shots become the norm.

Black Track can be simply an inexpensively extended to every desired length or shape, due to it’s unique bayonet fitting. In this way, for example, a complete circle or winding track can be laid out on almost every surface.

The standard Black Track system consist of the following:

  • 4,5 metres of Straight Track
  • 4,5 metres of Curved Track ( a nearly 90º curve)
  • 2 track End-Stops
  • a set of 4 Tracks Wheels
  • Steering lock
  • A practical Soft Bag

Technical date Magic Dolly:
System weight: 20 kg/ 44 lbs
Max. load capacity: 150 kg/ 330lbs
Standard bowl: 100 mm
Extra: 150 mm
Folded: 50 x 66 x 12 cm
Unfolded: 100 x 66 x 6 cm
Column height min.: 59 cm
Column height max.: 91 cm
Tires 2.5 bar/ 36 psi
Extra: Heavy Duty Column with Swifel Seat system  


Technical date Black Track:
Total weight: 15 kg/ 33 lbs
Max. load capacity: 250 kg/ 550 lbs
1 pair of straight track 150 cm/ 5 ft
1 pair of curved track 150 cm/ 5 ft