S-7111 D-tap to USB adaptor

  • Connect to battery D-tap socket
  • Convert D-tap to 5V/1.5A USB output
  • Return another D-tap output


49,00 (ex. VAT)

UGS : S-7111 Catégories : , , Swit

S-7111 is a smart converter that attached to battery D-tap socket, and converts to 5V/1.5A USB output, for cell phone charging or other USB devices.

Return another D-tap output
As the USB conversion occupied the original D-tap socket, the converter can also return a D-tap output for normal using.

Power connector D-tap DC 11-16.8V
Power output USB 5V 1.5A
D-tap DC 11-16.8V
Dimension 50×45×18mm

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